“Transfiguration Meetings” festival
takes place in Moscow since 2015
by initiative of the Transfiguration Brotherhood

Festival venue «The Man Who Heard»

The Man Who Heard

The documentary film, The Man Who Heard, is the story of deaf tour guide and pillar of culture, Amon Suleimanov. Born in Samarkand, Amon became a teacher of Russian language, but after the fall of the USSR found himself out of work and not-needed in his place of birth. In the 1990s, his life – just like the rest of the post-Soviet world – was thrown into directionless, run-away chaos. He lost his home, he lost his hearing due to illness and medical incompetence, and he learned that cancer was attacking him from within. But of two paths – life or death – he chose life. This choice changed with world entirely for Amon and those around him.

The film will be presented by its authors, Journalists Sergei Erzhenkov (Meduza) and Andrey Vasenyov (s-t-o-l.com), and by Creative Producer, Tatyana Skrabanskaya (s-t-o-l.com).


  • Screening of the film.
  • A meeting with its authors and with its main characters.