“Transfiguration Meetings” festival
takes place in Moscow since 2015
by initiative of the Transfiguration Brotherhood

Festival venue «The World without Dependence»

The World without Dependencies 

A World without Dependencies. Is there a place for God and freedom in the world of Virtual Reality? Our modern world offers an almost unlimited plethora of possibilities, but also poses a new problem for us – the problem of virtual reality. Are we the ones using our gadgets, the Internet and social networks, or are they using us?

Discussion Programme:

  • Presentation of results of the “Do you consider yourself to be “virtual reality” dependent?” sociological survey.
  • Interactive Activity: “The Internet is off – does life remain, or not?”

Questions for Discussion:

  • Virtual fellowship: where does the usefulness end and the harm begin?
  • How can we use social networks without falling into dependency?
  • Should we discuss spiritual topics online? What possible results are there?
  • Is it possible to help those who are “virtual reality” dependent?

Psychologists and other experts will take part in the discussion, including Boris Vosresensky, a PhD and senior lecturing Professor in Psychiatry and Medical Psychology for the Faculty of Medical Care at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, and a teacher at SFI.

Сoordinator – Victoria Osipova
+7 964 703 58 83