“Transfiguration Meetings” festival
takes place in Moscow since 2015
by initiative of the Transfiguration Brotherhood

Festival venue «Today’s Cultural Centre»

Today’s Cultural Centre 

Today’s Cultural Centre: expectations vs. reality: the idea of a “cultural centre” is fairly new in our lives. What exactly is it? The latest answer to the age-old issues of “bread and circuses” or a place of free and peaceful fellowship? Every cultural centre has its own audience and strategy, but they all combine a desire to make the world a better and freer place.


  • Representatives of cultural centres from different cities of the world will tell us about their cultural centres, what caused them to become involved in their respective projects, what difficulties they have had to deal with and for whom their efforts have been meaningful.
  • Discussion of possible joint projects and forms of cooperation.


  • Yulia Antipina, Pokrovsky Ostrov Cultural Centre (St. Petersburg);
  • Anastasia Pogozheva, Level One (Moscow);
  • Lidia Kroshkina, Bogoljubsky Cultural Centre (Tver);
  • Viktoria Fomina, Museum of Spiritual History (Musej Dukhovnoj Istorii) (Tutaev)

and others.

Сoordinator – Xenia Tsvetkova
Тел. +7 903 033-99-66
E-mail: xenia.tsvetkova@sfi.ru