“Transfiguration Meetings” festival
takes place in Moscow since 2015
by initiative of the Transfiguration Brotherhood

Festival venue «Russians and Germans: Being Good Neighbours»

Russians and Germans: Being Good Neighbours

Russians and Germans in Russia: Historical Milestones and Theological Good-Neighbourliness In the 20th c. Russians and Germans were pitted against each other as enemies, but to think of our life without interaction is difficult. Many Germans not only fell in love with Russia, but brought honour to Russia through their own work: V. Struve, A. Hermann, V. Dalj, Doctor F. Haass, Elizaveta Fyodorovna, I. Kruzenshtern, and A. Shnittke. This meeting, organized by the Bavarian Cultural Centre for Germans from Russia, is dedicated to reopening our common inheritance and basis, concealed within God’s providence, without which good-neighbourliness is impossible.


  • Our discussion will be a trip back into history and an attempt to understand it from a Christian point of view. We’ll consider the mystery at the heart of many centuries of fruitful neighbourliness between Russians and Germans.

Participating in the Conversation will be:

  • Pastor Anton Tikhomirov, ThD and Rector of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary in St. Petersburg;
  • Olga Litsenberger, PhD in History, Professor and researcher at the Bavarian Cultural Centre for Germans from Russia;
  • Pavel Gnilorybov, a historian, writer and researcher for the Moscow Museum.

Сoordinator – Svetlana Kuznetsova
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