“Transfiguration Meetings” festival
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Festival venue «Clergy and Laity»

Laity and the church: How should clergy and laity live together?

Pavilion 4.1

Sometimes clergy are dissatisfied with the laypeople in their parishes – the laity don’t seem to want to take responsibility for their parishes. For their part, lay people often want to see their clergy as spiritual leaders, who are able to be guides for spiritual life and solve all their problems. How can we live together in such a way that those who serve in the altar and those who come to worship in church would become one, unified people of God?

19 August 


Round Table “How can clergy and laity live together today?”

     Why are people in the church often so divided into “participants” and “servers” or into “leaders” and “subordinates”, or into “those who produce liturgy” and “those who consume it”?      What sort of responsibility do pastors have for people in the church and what sort of responsibility do the people in the church have for their priests and for the church as a whole?
     What shall we do in order to preserve church life from the dissection into a professional class of priests on the one hand, and consumption of religious services, on the other hand, by the laity?

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