Christ is Risen!

19 April 2020
Let us embrace one another with joy for Christ is risen!

At this time, as we go through the festive and bright days of Easter, we are reminded that Christ’s Victory over death was born on the cross, that it triumphed in the depths of hell, that hell could not contain the One Who is superior in Love, but cast Him out as the Source of Life!

May the good news of Christ’s Resurrection bring us out from the darkness of worries and sorrows of this world and remind us of unity and fellowship in Christ, of the union of peace and goodness, of the brotherly union in the Church, to which the Lord has called us all! May fears and divisions subside before the Mystery of Christ’s Victory! May we be renewed in the hope and inspiration of living out our calling – to be the Church that ministers and gives thanks in faithfulness to her Saviour! 

Death and division have truly been defeated by Christ’s sacrificial Love!

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